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Stimulate energy awareness of youngsters with online serious gaming

Project EnerCities offered an online elearning game for young people to experience energy-related implications. The goal of the game is to create and expand virtual cities dealing with pollution, energy shortages, renewable energy etc. The game is web-based and suitable to play on low-budget computers.

The game and related education programmes is rolled out in various European countries. Thousands of students from more than 110 schools across Europe have played EnerCities. Additionally, the EnerCities game was also available on Facebook and played substantially. To reach and inspire schools and students about EnerCities, the project organised 6 regional events, 4 game-competitions, 1 community platform, and 1 final conference.

The project has made students aware of the role and implications of energy in our society and energy saving on household level. Specific research indicated higher levels of attitudes (and behaviour intentions) of the EnerCities players regarding energy saving at home in comparison with control group (non-EnerCities players). For more information: see published papers / articles.

EnerCities was awarded the title of “Best Learning Game 2010” by the European platform “ENGAGE Quality Awards”; this platform “recognise[s] excellent contributions from teachers, educational practitioners, game developers and producers to the quality of game-based learning”. In addition, the Dutch game industry awarded EnerCities with the title “Best Online Game 2010”.

The EnerCities project started in September 2009 and ended in August 2011. The online EnerCities game and related educational materials will be freely available for schools to be used the coming years. Additionally, new activities are and will be launched to make the EnerCities game available in more languages.

Schools across Europe have indicated to use EnerCities in their curriculum for the coming years. Organisations have expressed their interests to have EnerCities in more languages. A European 'Transfer of Innovation' project will use EnerCities as a best practise regarding the usage of serious gaming in the classroom. The EnerCities Foundation will support the availability of the EnerCities game and its related education materials for the coming years and will act as contact organisation for questions and inquiries.

Project EnerCities was co-funded by the European Commission programme Intelligent Energy Europe (programme area: Intelligent energy education initiative) (link).

Results and deliverables

To see the results and deliverables, click the following link: [results & deliverables]

Consortium partners

ROC Nijmegen
Education institute from Nijmegen (the Netherlands). Coordinator of Enercities. Strong background in managing and participating in European projects. Some 15.000 students are working on their career at ROC Nijmegen and nearly 1.100 members of staff are employed.

Qeam BV
Initiator of IEE project Enercities. Qeam BV is an innovation consultancy and project development company in Leiden (the Netherlands). Performed together with University of Twente the research part of EnerCities leading to various publications.

Paladin Studios
Serious gaming software developing company in Leiden (the Netherlands). Paladin Studions is specialised in serious games and other virtual environments that are used for education & training, marketing, visualization and entertainment. Their motto is: 'Play, Discover, Grow’.

Lancaster & Morecambe College (LMC)
LMC is a medium-sized public sector college serving North Lancashire and South Cumbria in the North West of England. Its full-time students (approx. 1.800) are predominantly aged between 16-19 and undertaking initial vocational education or training. Strong background in managing and participating in European projects.

Akademie Klausenhof
German education institute. It is an international modern adult training centre (vocational training, further education) with a focus on courses in language, business, management, basic skills and handicraft and with a good experience in European projects.

Unified Vocational Training Centre Of Cyclades
Education institute from Greece. Since 1996 it has been providing professional training and information services in relation to finance-management, to cultural issues and sporting professions, to environmental issues, information technology, tourism and provision of services and also in the area of social support and services.

Ljudska Univerza Velenje
Slovenian education institute. The main activities lie primarily in the planning and implementation of courses and learning events within the field of predominantly employee-oriented vocational training and development, adult education and rehabilitation.

Agencia de la Energía de Granada (AEG)
Energy agency in the Granada region of Spain. On the energy sector the Diputación Provincial de Granada (Spain) founded the local energy agency “Agencia Provincial de la Energía de Granada” in 2001, and has done different projects to achieve a better energy use on the region, as Energy Audits in 84 municipalities until now (but more will soon be done), educational events, tecnichal assesment, mobility studies, etc.


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